All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Insurance

All You Need To Know About Motorcycle Insurance

good morning YouTube my name is Justin I

run this channel here called

Vikon bird and before I was a self

loathing youtuber I was actually an

insurance salesperson so opposed to most

the videos on this channel today I’m

actually know what we were talking about

and that’s going to be all the things

that you need to know about motorcycle

insurance let’s get into itMotorcycle Insurance

now I know that insurance is not exactly

the most exciting topic by any means but

it is something that you should at least

have a general knowledge about so I’m

going to make this video as detailed but

yet as entertaining as possible

it’ll be chock full of video clips as

well as some self-deprecating humor but

before we get into it I do want to say

that every single state within this

great country of the United States is

going to be different every state’s

gonna have different laws not like that

but every company is going to have

different ways that they do things a lot

of people think that insurance companies

are these big governments overseeing

organizations that have to follow strict

rules it’s really not like that they

actually are just a business the only

thing that the government kind of steps

in on in most states is that they

require you to have it

outside of that it’s pretty much up to

the company to decide how they want to

do business so I will be saying

depending on the company and depending

on the state a lot but anyways let’s

jump right into it so if you’re looking

at your own insurance policy or maybe if

you’re shopping around there’s gonna be

three to four main categories we’re just

going to be liability comprehensive

collision and then other

don’t worry I’m gonna go over it let’s

just go ahead and work our way down the

list section one liability now liability

is that coverage that most likely your

state is going to require you to have to

drive on public roads reason being is

that liability covers you in case you do

damage to somebody else let’s take this

clip for example now the gentleman on

the black bike clearly was at fault to

the gentleman on the white bike albeit

he is much better-looking and definitely

a more talented rider than the guy on

the white bike but liability insurance

is what’s going to cover the black bike

gentleman to pay for the damage on the

white bike basically there’s going to

cover you if you are liable for the


it’s liability now like I mentioned in

the beginning of the video this is going

to vary pretty I wouldn’t say greatly

but it does vary from state to state but

when you see liability coverage is

usually broken up into three different

numbers now I’m gonna use Texas for an

example because it’s a better state than

wherever you live and those limits are

thirty sixty twenty-five basically is

saying that the state of Texas requires

you to have this much coverage but let’s

go over what those three numbers means

so let me go ahead and make myself

smaller all right that’s better

all right so 30/60/90 five you’ll

probably see three numbers on your

policy under the liability now doesn’t

matter what these numbers are the order

that they are in determines what they

cover on the policy the first two

numbers are going to be for bodily

injury and the last number is going to

be for property damage the first number

within the bodily injury category is how

many dollars in thousands that the

policy is going to cover for one person

the second number is going to be the

number of bodily injury claims for the

entire accident and then that third

number is just the overall property

damage so now we know what those numbers

mean let’s go ahead and put it into a

example let’s say that this lizard is

a SUV okay and this bottle of Geritol is

you on your geezer Glyde say for example

you I don’t know

cut them off or do something to cause

this SUV to have an accident now then

the SUV there was two passengers will be

will represent those passengers with

these challenge coins now let’s say that

the driver had $10,000 worth of injuries

and the passenger also had $10,000 worth

of injuries if you have the 36 t25

coverage you would still be fine

you have 10 on this side which is below

the 30 for the individual you have town

this side which is below the 30 for the

individual add them together you get

20,000 which is under the 60,000 for the

combined accident and say for example

their SUV had another $10,000 for the

damage that falls below the 25,000 of

the limit so once again you’re still

okay now let’s switch it up a bit let’s

say this beetle here is another SUV but

this time we have three individuals in

it all right

same accident occurs I don’t something

happens you get an accident all right

now we have three people involved in

that accident I’m gonna split this up

into two different ways to show how you

could not be covered within this

accident example a you’ve got $25,000

worth of damage on person 1 another

$25,000 of the damage on person 2 and

another $25,000 the damage on person 3

all three of these are under that

$30,000 per person mark correct but when

you add them all together you now have a

$75,000 combined

biele injury bill which is now over that

60,000 combined limit that you have on

your policy which means you’re about

$15,000 in the hole so what do you do

when that happens basically you’re gonna

get sued for that extra $15,000 and

there’s nothing that you’re in

is gonna do for it now the second

example say for example a person one has

$40,000 with the damaged person two has

10,000 in person three has 10,000

altogether you’re at the sixty thousand

dollar cap you’re you’ll be fine on that

but remember person one has over thirty

thousand dollars so anything over that

thirty thousand dollars is once again

not going to be covered by your

insurance policy chances are you’re

gonna get sued for that extra ten

thousand now I’m not doing this to to

scare you by any means but I don’t know

about you I don’t want to be sued for

ten thousand dollars nor do I want to be

sued for a dollar

the reason I’m letting you know about

all this is because when you’re looking

at lie building insurance carrying the

state minimums on a motorcycle so you’re

probably gonna be okay chances are

you’re not going to be causing more than

that amount of damage on a vehicle

unless you total it and people have some

serious injuries but there’s always that

worst-case scenario say for example you

cut off a Maserati that car goes on the

guardrail they’re gonna charge twenty

five thousand dollars just for the paint

job and everyone on the inside is

injured to the point where they rack up

you know an $8,000 hospital bill it

happens guys one thing I would suggest

that you do when you are shopping for

insurance is ask the representative how

much extra is it going to be if I bump

up to the next level like a 5150

coverage chances are you’re gonna be

looking at maybe a couple dollars a

month essentially what I’m saying is

that the liability coverage is pretty

cheap so an extra couple dollars here

and there might be worth it if God

forbid you ever have to use it

alright so that’s gonna do it for

section one hopefully you were able to

follow along with my perfect awesome

examples section number two is going to

be comprehensive now both comprehensive

and collision are both kind of within

the same category and they’re also often

referred to as full coverage when you

work in the industry you learn to never

use the term full coverage because it’s

not really true although yes these

coverages do provide you some sort of

protection if you are not at fault or

something not

you’re late it happens but there’s a lot

of things built to the policy called

exclusions that are not going to be

covered under your policy and I’ll go

over a few common exclusions after I

explain what the coverages are so back

to the main topic which is the

comprehensive coverage this is basically

going to cover your bike for anything

that happens to it during a non riding

event say for example your bike is

parked down a parking lot and a hail

storm hits dents all the hell

that’s where comprehensive comes in say

you’re at Daytona Bike Week and you walk

out of a bar after having just one drink

and your bike is gone that’s where

comprehensive comes in pretty simple

stuff right now moving on to section 3

which is going to be the collision now

collision can be anything riding related

that happened to your motorcycle

remember that clip from the beginning of

the video or that super handsome Dino

SEND YOUR FAN MAIL TO: Bike N’ Bird P.O. BOX 1539 Helotes, TX 78023

rider ran into the back of that ugly

white streak line now thankfully there

was no damage to that beautiful black

Dyna but if there was collision coverage

would have been what stepped in to

repair that damage other instances if

you drop the bike and it becomes damaged

enough to where you have to make a claim

that’s where collision comes in now I’m

saying that kind of with a you know air

quote here because depending on what

your claims provider is going to say if

that was a moving violation or not that

dropping a bike might fall under

comprehensive or it might fall under

collision doesn’t really matter

they both usually are going to have the

same deductible which we’ll go over that

in a second and are going to provide the

same coverage for your bike but other

instances of collision coverages is say

for example you’re going around a corner

and low side or your high side out of it

just a complete freak accident and your

bike is you know dented needs paint

everything that’s where collision comes

in now one thing that I want to touch on

and highlight and I haven’t done it in

the first three sections because it

doesn’t really fall into any section for

all companies every company tends to

label it differently and put it within

different sections and

going to be your uninsured underinsured

motorist coverage now this is

essentially liability coverage that you

are buying for yourself meaning that if

you get hit by a driver who is uninsured

or underinsured say for example a driver

hits you and they only have a twenty

five thousand dollar property damage and

they totaled out your brand-new CVO Road

Glide chances are there’s gonna be a gap

between that twenty five thousand and

whatever that bike is worth at that time

at that point sometimes your collision

coverage will step in

sometimes your comprehensive will step

in but more cases than not your

uninsured underinsured motorist coverage

is gonna step in once again this is a

fairly cheap coverage you’re only

talking about maybe I’m not even gonna

throw a quote that’s gonna vary so much

a very small amount in comparison to the

total coverage amount to basically

provide you with a whole nother policy

to cover yourself not only yourself as

in your bike but yourself as in your

body itself say for example if you got

hit by someone who had zero insurance

and you had a ten thousand dollar

hospital bill I don’t know about you but

I can’t come up with ten thousand

dollars out of thin air that coverage

will definitely pay for itself if once

again god forbid you ever have to use it

even once now going back to something I

briefly touched on earlier and that is

the deductible now before working in the

insurance industry I had no idea what a

deductible was and I’m assuming you

might not either and it’s pretty simple

it’s essentially in the amount that is

deducted from your quotes to get your

bike fixed or repaired four simple math

if you have a thousand dollar deductible

which is way too high and you get a

quote for ten thousand dollars to fix

your bike your insurance company is

going to give you a check for $9,000

$10,000 minus the thousand dollar

deductible my suggestion to you is make

your deductible only as high as an

amount that you can afford to spend at

any given time if you have a thousand

dollars that you can just drop out the

drop of a hat

by all means carry a thousand dollars

coverage but thought about you I don’t I

don’t like living like that so I keep my

deductibles as low as possible reason


is that if my bike goes down or gets

damaged I want to be able to get it

fixed as soon as possible I would hope

that most you guys are on the same page

but one final note on the deductible is

that the difference between a thousand

are deductible and a $250 deductible is

usually not that much this is definitely

when you’re looking for insurance this

is definitely something I would suggest

you get price options for all your

deductible ranges and that way you can

make a better understanding to know if

it’s going to be worth the extra couple

dollars a month or not also ask whatever

company you’re quoting with if they

offer a vanishing deductible

I am currently with progressive and they

do offer the vanishing deductible so

that basically means every six months is

it’s either six months or a year that

you go without an accident your

deductible drops down either a hundred

dollars or to the next year whatever

they offer which is pretty awesome and

it’s definitely worth the extra money if

they are charging for that option like I

said you use it once it’s gonna pay for

itself alright so before we get into the

section four which is basically just the

catch-all I wanted to go over some

exclusions that I mentioned earlier in

the video to kind of give you an

understanding of what can happen to your

bike and your insurance goes yeah we’re

not covering that all right so let’s go

ahead and start with property damage

this is gonna kind of cover both

collision and comprehensive coverage

will not apply for a loss if being used

to carry persons or property for

compensation or a fee if you’re

delivering pizzas on your bike and for

some reason you go down and they find

out that you were working while that

happen not covered will not be covered

or sustained during practice or

preparation for any pre range organized

racing stunting speed or demolition

contact contest for activity or any

writing activity conducted on a

permanent or temporary racetrack

racecourse or during any closed course

event if you take your bike down the

drag strip and you get sideways and

third gear and dump it not gonna be

covered this is a good one damage won’t

be covered on any vehicle caused by an

intentional act committed by or at the

direction of you or a relative so if you

dent it on purpose it’s

you’re not going to be covered this is

this is my favorite this is one that a

lot of people are not aware of due to

destruction or confiscation by

government or civil authorities of any

vehicle because you are any relative

engaged in illegal activities if your

bike gets impounded and the cops you

know dick it all up during the impound

not covered this is my other favorite

one to any of you coverage will not be

provide to any vehicle cause directly or

indirectly by war declared or undeclared

or Civil War warlike action by any

military force of any government

sovereign or other authority using

military personnel or agents this

includes any actions taken to hinder or

defend against an actual or expected

attack or any action taken by a

governmental authority to hinder or

defend against any of these acts so

basically if a war breaks out or even

something as small as a riots – where

the National Guard is deployed and they

you know plow is Hank through your

garage you’re you’re Sol which is really

sad you think about you know when you’re

watching I remember the Baltimore riots

were the most recent ones and you see

people you know flipping cars or burning

down houses or buildings chances are

those people didn’t get a dime from

their insurance company here’s another

good one cover don’t be provided to any

vehicle caused directly or indirectly by

any accidental or intentional discharge

dispersal or release of radioactive

nuclear pathogenic or poisonous

biological material so don’t put nuclear

waste on your bike and this list goes on

for literally pages and pages I highly

suggest you go and download that’s on

your policy docs that’s that big thick

pack you get in the mail soon as you

start a policy that is the kind of stuff

that’s in there so just go to the

exclusion the exclusions section I trust

me it’s it’ll be entertaining if nothing

else if you find a good one that I

didn’t read off go ahead and put that

down in the comments I’d love to see

what your your insurance labels as an

exclusion and now on to section 4 which

is basically going to be a catch-all for

everything either motorcycle related or

just an additional coverage that you can

tag on to your insurance that you either

might not know about or might need a

little bit more information on and the

first coverage I’m going to reference is

shrimp interruption now this isn’t

Sara Lee motorcycle-specific I will say

that I see it more on motorcycle

policies than say for example auto

policies but this is basically exactly

what it says if for some reason you get

an accident on a trip obviously it’s

going to cost money to get back to where

you live or at least get to somewhere

where you can stay or provide

accommodations of some sort say for

example you ride from Arkansas down to

Florida and your bike gets stolen you

don’t have a way to get back that is

where a trip interruption could step in

to help you out now I will say that I’ve

quoted a few different companies and

their trip interruption does work quite

differently so something’s gonna check

for is a dollar limit per day some

companies have a very low twenty five

dollar per day limit basically just

getting new food and some companies have

an exuberant you know $500 a day it’s

gonna pay for lodging and everything

else this is also usually tied in with

roadside assistance which is a nother

coverage within this catch-all once

again and do your research ask your

representative of how the roadside

assistance works sometimes they’ll just

cover up to a flat dollar amount say for

example you have $100 for a tow truck

and that’s it some companies will say we

will pick up your bike and tow it 2x

miles from where the bike is picked up

completely free of charge like I said

every company does it differently and

I’m more than confident that your rep

will know what they’re talking about and

exactly what you’re asking for when it

comes to the roadside assistance

coverage also with both the roadside

assistance and the trip interruption

it’s usually extremely cheap I’m talking

less than a dollar per month if I was

telling you to get any sort of coverage

get that coverage it’s a lot more likely

that you’re going to break down the side

of the road than it is that you’re going

to total the bike chances are that tow

trucks and it cost you about a hundred

two hundred bucks you’d have to have

that roadside assistant coverage on your

policy for about 12 to 15 years and not

use it to be in the red you use it once

it pays for itself next up on my list is

rental car coverage once again not

motorcycle specific by any means I see


on a lot of auto policies it’s

definitely not the cheapest option it

doesn’t fall within that you know trip

interruption and roadside assistance

cheapness but it is still fairly cheap

if you’re someone who only has a

motorcycle from your only means of

transportation by all means definitely

spend the extra money and get yourself

some rental coverage but once again

every company’s going to do it

differently most companies are gonna

offer different options as well most the

time it’s on a dollar per day basis for

example twenty five dollars a day for X

days to pay for a rental so maybe do a

little bit of research on how much

rental cars cost in your area what kind

of car that you would need to get around

in if you’re writing a letter cycle

daily it’s probably not gonna be

probably not gonna be of a super

luxurious vehicle by any means but say

for example if your bikes in the shop

for 30 days 30 days at $25 a day you’re

looking at 750 bucks that in my mind is

worth it next up on the list is carried

contents now this is a coverage that is

very misunderstood across all auto

products specifically cars now a lot of

auto policies speaking to cars trucks

etc are not going to offer this coverage


some might offer it as a add-on but it’s

definitely not included in any policy I

have ever seen I’m going to use a car

for this example because I feel like a

lot of people are going to be surprised

by this

say for example you park your car in the

Walmart parking lot someone the smashes

your window and steals your cell phone

out of their cell phones probably about

a thousand dollars your insurance

company is gonna pay you zero cents for

that cell phone now the broken window is

going to be covered by your

comprehensive coverage but anything

inside the vehicle is not covered you

can think of your vehicle whether it be

a motorcycle or car as a toy car or a

toy motorcycle okay alright so take your

car your motorcycle flip it upside down

and shake the shove it you know you’re

gonna lose change maybe your backpack

laptops cell phones maybe a GPS here

they’re everything that fell out of that


not covered so anything that you have in

your saddlebags anything that you have

in tank bags or any sort of storage

within the vehicle or even for example

your luggage not covered basically

anything that is not bolted to the

vehicle is not going to be covered by

your comprehensive or collision

coverages so someone cracks open your

saddlebag and steals everything you have

in there once again company’s gonna pay

for the damage to your saddlebag if they

did damage it but everything that was in

it not covered but the carried contents

coverage does cover that say for example

someone goes by and Yanks your luggage

off the your sissy bar now that is

covered so I guess this coverage is

really gonna depend on how much stuff do

you keep on your bike how often is it

exposed to being mess with being

vandalized or stolen or anything like


also this doesn’t apply to just

vandalism vandalism or theft say for

example if you have a three thousand

dollar MacBook in your saddlebag and you

low-side and that laptop is toast that’s

not gonna be covered by your motorcycle

policy it will be covered by the carried

contents policy or carried contents

coverage within your policy so like I

said that’s kind of a 50/50 depends on

if you ever carry anything that is worth

value that can be stolen or broken I

feel like this is gonna be that one

coverage that kind of splits people down

the middle evaluate on your own and last

but certainly not least it’s my favorite

coverage which is the accessory coverage

now everyone knows that I am the bolt on

King which means that I have a lot of

accessories on my bike now I’m sure if

you’ve got anything bolts on your bike

you understand that that stuff adds up

over time but I don’t think you

understand how quickly that stuff adds

up and how high that total actually gets

now I will say that most policies do

include a base accessory coverage I

would suggest that you ask your

insurance rep about what that covers and

what the limit is and that’s really

we’re gonna have to do your due

diligence to add up all the accessories

on your bike and get a dollar amount


and then see if you fall under that

limit or if you need to bump up that

covers a little bit once again this

coverage is not that expensive you’re

probably only looking at maybe 10 to 50

cents per thousand dollars of coverage

per month super cheap definitely worth

it and that’s going to cover it for

everything whether it be a collision or

a comprehensive damage to that part or

accessory or say for example I mean you

see those seat locks popping up on

websites now if someone Yanks your

700-seat and you only have five hours

worth of accessory coverage you’re kind

of hassle well because that that that

seat was not part of the bike when it

first you know came from the factory

that’s also one thing that you should

clarify with your insurance company some

some companies will go off of how the

bike was bought some companies will go

off of how the bike was shipped from the

factory I will say most go off of what

was shipped from the factory so if you

get say for example you have a $7 seat

they’re going to replace it with

whatever it came from the factory which

gonna be about 100 200 bucks you’re

still gonna be out about five hundred

dollars but if you have that accessory

coverage that might be able to

supplement that extra five hundred

dollars so that is going to do it for

the coverages now I know you’re asking

yourself why who should I go with for

insurance and I’m just going to say shop

around shop around and oh yeah shop

around seriously

don’t waste your time asking your

buddies hey what do you got don’t waste

your time going on some forum or HD

forums calm or Facebook or anything and

ask what people are using and what

they’re paying it doesn’t freaking

matter I could have an identical twin

living across the street with the same

driving record the same exact bike and

his quote is going to be different than

mine seriously guys there are so many

factors that go into building a pricing

model for each individual company well I

suggest you doing is writing down what

coverages you want what options you want

to explore for example the different

deductible options things like that

coverages you want and then block off an

hour to two hours and all these

companies don’t do online quotes reason

being is that discounts are going to

play a lot more into your favor if

you’re on the phone than if you are

online the people on the phone are

licensed representatives they are

trained within that company to give you

literally the best price possible

because when you call those people they

want your business they want to get that

quote down as low as possible to get you

to join their company so they’re gonna

give you every single discount they can

just like I said block off about two

hours call these companies give them

their pin number given what coverages

you want and see what they can do

price-wise some that I would recommend

not saying that you have to go with

these or even start with these

progressive and Dairyland Dairyland is a

pretty much motorcycle exclusive

insurance company and the progressive is

probably the biggest big-name and

motorcycle insurance company out there

if you get a policy through the holidays

it’s going through progressive if you

get a policy through USAA it

going through progressive so like I said

way your options know what you’re

getting and if you have any questions

Biden covering if they specifically go

ahead and leave a comment down the

comment section I will answer that as

soon as I possibly can if you found this

video helpful in any way shape or form

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