Healthcare in a Big City – Dubai Healthcare – Visit Dubai

Healthcare in a Big City - Dubai Healthcare - Visit Dubai

Dubai Healthcare across Dubai, there are more than 20 free

zones significant industry clusters have  been developed here over the years that

allow people to have a tax-free status

and a hundred percent for ownership and as

a result there’s been a massive support

from the international community and the Dubai Healthcare

multinationals which have really formed

the base of this economy Dubai

nmc hospital Dubai

Healthcare city is a free zone focused

on medical care education and research

we have over a hundred and twenty

medical institutions clinics hospitals

and centers over 4000 licensed

professionals here at healthcare city

which include a good number of those

multinationals we treat them as partners

as stakeholders in order for us to help

facilitate either licensing but also

other arrangements with government

sectors and other corporates which they

need to operate with the Mohammed bin

Rashid academic medical center is the

the new jewel of healthcare city as a

the lending library here and also an

extraordinary simulation unit where

students practice surgery on automated

mannequins it’s one of several new

institutions advancing health care in

the United Arab Emirates being both

co-ed as well as done in the English

language to buy health care is widely

considered to be the best in the Middle

East opening shortly is the al-Jalil


what does bariatric specialized hospital

tertiary service will be provided there

with the center of expenses and the quality

of health, infrastructure means that

Dubai is actually contributing to

medical science as well even now there

is a method called the by the method

treating the blockages in the in the

veins and in the hearts this technique

has even been demonstrated in live link

ups with surgeons abroad

attended by 15,000 physicians just to

watch what is going on in the way the

UAE genetic diseases Association is

another strand of Dubai’s health story a

group of Nobel laureates recently

visited its laboratory which targets the

high-risk agree through the hospitals to

offer them free of charge screening if

you know the core of the reason for such

the disease will be much easier to detect

it early and make sure you prevent the

disease in the new generation now

support groups are forming around the

conditions being tackled we are really

mushrooming all over the way but

everything started in the white in

autumn 2014 the association held its

fifth national conference it was 1317

participant from more than 27 countries

huge participation from will recognized

organization to participate with us and

help us in building their knowledge

capacity when it’s come to genetic

research many associations have started

to choose to buy as their home when you

look at the various sectors and the ease

of getting to Dubai people have really

found this is the place to come to

connect and to really try to resolve

some of the major issues facing us into

the future


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