How to Save Money on Car Insurance in the UAE – 2017 Car Insurance Money Saving Tips

How-to-Save Money-on-Car Insurance-in-the UAE - 2017-Car Insurance-Money Saving-Tips

Car Insurance in the UAEĀ -auto insurance is a repetitive task

in the UAE the auto insurance industry

is a vast ocean consider having one mega

Newton vehicles and multiply the same

with a minimum amount of 600 Wow a

whopping 600 meganewtons and there are

a lot of ways to save money on your car


this article felt on how to save money

on car insurance in UAE here’s how you

could save money 1 look around for

various options there are 20 plus

insurance companies in the UAE mu Turk

aam is a good place to start these guys

provide you with quotes from various

insurance companies try them it’s free

to do you really want comprehensive

coverage though it helps to be insured-Car Insurance in the UAEĀ 

comprehensively it may not make

financial sense to insure older vehicles

comprehensively consider the money value

and return that you may earn for older

vehicles 3 consolidate your insurance

with a single provider having multiple

insurance with different service

providers may not fetch you good

discount so if you already have a home

insurance or health insurance with a

particular insurance company consider

going to the same insurance company for

car insurance chances are that you will

receive considerable discount for the

insurance for inquiring about discounts

most of us are only aware of only a

no claims discount meaning if in the

the preceding year you have not had any

claims to the insurance company you are

eligible for a discount but ask for

other discounts such as low mileage

driving or the successful completion of

defensive driving courses 5 maintain a

good driving record nowadays insurance

companies check whether a particular car

has black points on the police database

and depending on this your premium might

vary now it makes sense to maintain a

healthy driving habit and maintain a

clean record

drive an economic car a car high in

the value read and sports model would

definitely attract a huge premium

consider reducing your driving palettes

to an economic car such as Honda Accord

City Nissan Tiida or a Corolla

and see a huge reduction in your car

insurance premiums it also consumes less

fuel hope these few points help you save

few hundred Durham’s

saving money has to be the primary goal

and with prudent self-discipline

strategies you will achieve the

unthinkable happy saving friends and do

let me know if you were able to save any

money by following these tips share this

video and subscribe us for more auto

insurance videos

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