UAE Resident visa: Medical Test & Health Insurance requirements

UAE Resident visa: Medical Test & Health Insurance requirements now that we discussed what the process

of resident visa application and visa

issuance looks like let’s have a closer

look at medical fitness test and health

insurance you might have been surprised

to learn that we dedicated a whole Medical Test & Health Insurance

chapter to the subject but you will soon

understand why as you have learned

already medical fitness test and health

insurance are required at the final

stage when you need to submit all

documents for resident visa stamping we

have mentioned in the previous chapter

that medical fitness tests can be done

in any authorized medical fitness centre

and we remind you that the list of

medical fitness centres can be found

online on the websites of health

services such as for example the by

Health Authority DHA for the by

residence if you’re applying for a

resident visa in Abu Dhabi you won’t be

requested to do your medical test in Abu

Dhabi residents of all other Emirates I

join for Jaya Sharjah can do that

medical tests in Dubai for the residents

of northern

amarus can currently do that medical

tests in two locations in the Y alvaro

ha and Kurama medical fitness centres

while the by residents can choose almost

any of the medical fitness centres in

Dubai if you want to be sure that you

have picked the right vacation

simply go to Kurama medical fitness

center when applying for a medical test

you will need to decide how quickly you

would like to get medical test results

and receive medical certificate remember

you need to submit it for visa stamping

the cost of medical fitness tests varies

from 270 Durham’s for regular to 750 or

850 Durham’s for VIP test results of

regular medical tests are released

within a week and the appeal results can

be collected on the same day if medical

is completed entirely early in the

morning it is recently that local

authorities started upgrading the

medical test system now some medical

fitness centres caravan medical center

among the first started issuing medical

certificates electronically

in other words you no longer need to be

to come back the medical fitness center

to get the certificate and you don’t

need to wait for it to be period instead

you receive an electronic certificate

right in your email box the plan is to

make all medical fitness centers work

more efficiently by emailing test

results instead of spending time and

effort on creating them if you did not

go through medical tests in the UAE

before you may be wondering what this

process involves medical fitness test

consists of two parts a blood test and a

chest x-ray

test screening for various diseases such

as hiv/aids hepatitis B leprosy syphilis

and tuberculosis as of 2016 test for

hepatitis C no longer exists and with a

screening interpretation for hepatitis B

only applies to certain professions

according to the local sources now only

six categories of expertise having human

to human interactions are tested for

hepatitis B nannies housemates and

nursery workers hairdressing salon

workers beauty scent of workers house

club workers once medical certificate is

issued and it specifies that you are fit

you submit a certificate along with all

other documents for the resident visa

sending it happens sometimes that your

medical results are not you should as

quickly as requested for example you

opted for a VIP test and expected to

receive a medical certificate on the same

the day however nothing was sent to you for

two days in a row you can always follow Medical Test & Health Insurance

up but the reason can be that your blood

the sample did not allow to clearly

understand that you were free of

infectious diseases or your x-ray also

caused some confusion in case of x-ray

it is typical when you have a smoker

then we invite you to retake x-ray in

case with blood tests it may happen that

you take some medicine which causes some

changes in your blood

in this case scenario blood sample is

usually sent for further testing in the

laboratory as such do not worry if you

do not receive your results right away

is it maybe not as bad as you picture it

with yourself now let us share with you

some important information

in 2011 special procedures were put into

place for those applying for your year

resident visas for the first time and

coming from such countries in Sri Lanka

and Indonesia later India Pakistan

Bangladesh the Philippines Nepal Egypt

Sudan and Ethiopia were added to the

list if you are from any of the stated

countries you would be requested to do a

health screening test at your home

country in specific health centers

certified by GCC first please note that

the rule applies both to investors and

employees then once you enter the UAE

you will be again retested in your a

medical fitness center the good news is

that you do not need to undergo

pre-screening in your home country again

if you already did it before and it is

not your first year a year resident visa

in the previous chapters will also

mention that resident visa is issued for

investors for a maximum of three years

after it expires you will need to

undergo a renewal process and it will be

taking medical fitness tests again as

such each time you will be renewing your

resident visa or applying for a new one

you will be taking a medical fitness

test now I suggest we discuss medical

insurance requirement you may know it or

may not but emulous Abu Dhabi and Dubai

made it mandatory for all the URI

residents to have a medical insurance

while Abu Dhabi implemented the

requirement earlier the BIOS

implementing strategy in stages and made

it absolutely mandatory as 2017 as

such today it is not possible in Dubai

Abu Dhabi to get resident visa stamp

unless respective insurance certificate

is provided additionally if your company

sponsors employees or you are sponsoring

your family you need to take care of

medical insurance for them too if you’re

applying for a resident visa in one of the

northern Emirates no medical insurance

the certificate is currently required for

resident visa stamping the most popular

the question we receive with respect to

medical insurance is what is the annual

cost of medical insurance per person

first of all, let’s agree that there are

both state insurance providers in the

UAE-Medical Test & Health Insurance

as well as well-known international

insurance service rent if you are

looking for a very good coverage

worldwide including dental and optics

the fee range would be very broad from

approximately seven thousand dirhams to

twenty-five thousand dirhams per year in

much more depending on the age gender

and other factors however if you have

feed and you are interested in a very

basic coverage just to allow for

document submission for residents is a

standing state insurance providers shall

be preferred their basic medical

insurance coverage regardless of age

would cost in the range of two thousand

five hundred and three thousand seven

hundred dirham SPEA

you can always approach an insurance

a broker who will be able to compare for

you several options from various

insurance providers now that you know

all the aspects associated with medical

tests and medical insurance we are ready

to provide you with more information on

such document as a mere eight ad in the

following chapter

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